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Our Corporate Vision

The 21st Century Atlas

IS/ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Atlas, The Titan - Collective strength of the Group :
This Symbol as a whole, represents the collective strength of the Group. The astute and dynamic management which binds the group together and gives it leadership and direction, is personified in the figure of Atlas. A pillar of strength, Atlas also stands for steadfastness, consistency and reliability.

The Sun - Enlightenment and Growth :
The head of the Atlas, also represents the Sun. In this context, the Sun stands for a luminous and powerful presence that the Group has over the industrial arena on one hand, and resourcefulness in terms of finance, technological skill, and intellectual leadership on the other.

Earth Segments - Diversified Activities :
Each latitude around the Titan, represents the different industries or activities that constitute the Group. They individually draw and give strength and support to the central figure of atlas

The Globe - Global Vision :
The Group's Global Vision and presence is visually inherent in the figure of the Earth.

The Symmetry & Balance - The resilience, versatility & stability :
The overall design, balance and harmonious blend of all the elements, sum up a well conceptualized industrial conglomerate.

Strong Foundation              Sustained Growth            Proven Leadership

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